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News Letter
Dear Dollfie Fans

How to Enjoy Dolpa in LA

Three different kinds of events will be held in Dolpa. Which events would you like to participate?

  • Workshop

    Dollfie® Workshop

    Sep. 7 (Sat)

    With this one-time opportunity, we would like our North American fans to know more about Dollfie® and VOLKS!

    Learn more
  • Tea Party

    Tea Party

    Sep. 7 (Sat)

    The Grand Ball for Dollfie® and owners will soon commence...
    *The entry has been closed.

    Learn more

  • Event Limited Dollfie

    Event Limited Dollfie®

    Sep. 8 (Sun)

    Special Dollfie® that you cannot meet anywhere but here at Dolpa!

    Learn more
  • Sumika Shop

    Sumika Shop

    Sep. 8 (Sun)

    All the outfits and shoes for Dollfie® are here in Dolpa!

    Learn more
  • Dolpa Dealer's Market

    Dolpa Dealer's Market

    Sep. 8 (Sun)

    With their original items, these Doll Dealers, full of talents and fashion sense, are gathering to Dolpa from both North America and Japan!

    Learn more
  • Game Area

    Dolpa - Game Area

    Sep. 8 (Sun)

    The fun part of Dolpa is not only the shopping! Play a game and win special prizes!

    Learn more
  • Exchange

    Beauty Salon

    Sep. 8 (Sun)

    Would you like to have your Super Dollfie® refreshed by the hands of our professional doctor?

    Learn more
Dolls Party in Los Angeles 4 2019


September 7th Sat & 8th Sun, 2019


Anaheim Marriott


700 West Convention Way, Anaheim CA 92802 USA

Dear Dollfie Fans

This September, we are very excited and pleased to be able to hold Dolls Party in LA in Anaheim!

Because of everyone's warm, heartfelt support for Dollfie®; we have been able to successfully prepare this special event!
To all the Super Dollfie® and Dollfie Dream® fans who plan to join us at Dolls Party - we hope that you treasure this exciting day!

Please come and visit us at Dolls Party in LA on September 7-8, 2019.
We sincerely look forward to seeing all of you at the event.

Additional details of the event will be announced at a later date.

Thank you!

GM sign

Hideyoshi Shigeta
General Manager