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VOLKS Panels

With this one-time opportunity, we would like our North American fans to know more about Dollfie® and VOLKS!

Our guests will be arriving from VOLKS INC, our headquarters in Japan. They are professionals in different fields of Dollfie®; so, we are positive that you will have a fun time and wonderful learning experience for you.

We hope you will learn more about your Dollfie® and VOLKS.

Dollfie® Workshop

Panel Information

Basic Information

  • Date: September 7, 2019 (Sat)
  • Time: 11:00AM ~ 2:00PM
  • Location: Grand Ballroom (Salon G & H)
  • Admission: Online Entry Badge is required

Panel Type

  • Type: Stage Lecture
  • Time: 45 mins / each
  • Attend: 40 people

Panel Details

1. How to use Dollfie® Make-up Tools


VOLKS' Professional Make-up Artist will conduct a lesson about the most effective ways to use make-up tools for you!
The panelist will cover the methods for both SD and DD’s make-up.
Please use this opportunity to take a first step to face-up your own desired Dollfie®!


Dollfie® Make-up Artist
VOLKS, INC. - Dolls Design Department

How to use make-up tools

* This image is from past event.

2. Body Care for Super Dollfie®

How to body maintenance for SD

* This image is from past event.


"Dollfie® is so precious, but I'm afraid to take care of them by myself..."
Don't worry! Our Dollfie® Doctor will lecture you all about the general maintenance of SD Body Parts.
You will be more comfortable to treat your SD after hearing of his clear and in-depth explanation!
We are here for you to maintain your beloved SD's beauty forevermore...


Dollfie® Doctor
VOLKS, INC. - Tenshi-no-Sato

3. Intro to Dollfie® ICON


Dollfie® development teams from both VOLKS Japan and USA will talk about the story behind the birth of Dollfie® ICON.

The panelist will cover about “Why? How? and, What kind of happiness do they bring to you?”.

This panel is highly recommended for those who are considering welcoming Dollfie® ICON.


Representative Staff from;
- VOLKS, INC. - Dolls Design Department

Dolls Party in Los Angeles 4 2019


September 7th Sat & 8th Sun, 2019


Anaheim Marriott


700 West Convention Way, Anaheim CA 92802 USA