Tenshi-no-Sumika Shop

All the outfits and shoes for Dollfie® are here in Dolpa!

At the "Tenshi-no-Sumika" Shop booth, you will find all the Dollfie® goods for both Super Dollfie® and Dollfie Dream®! Please visit the shop with your Dollfie® to pick the outfits that suit them!

Booth Information

  • Date: September 8, 2019 (Sun)
  • Location: Grand Ballroom
Tenshi no Sumika Shop
*This image is from past event.

Tenshi-no-Sato Japanese Accessories

From the Home of Super Dollfie®, many attractive items have been delivered to North America!
Each item has been created with materials prepared in Kyoto using Japanese traditional techniques. As you enjoy the fascinating designs and details of the items, please experience the atmosphere of Tenshi-no-Sato.

Bags Chirimen Items Kimono Accessories Tatami mat
*The item pictured are samples.
*Some items will be limited to 1 per person.

Dolpa Goods from Japan

Many Dolpa goods released in Japan will be available at Dolpa in LA!
Each Dolpa has its own concept and prepares the special goods based from that. For fans in North America, you will have the experience of each past event and finding treasures you’ve missed!

Event Goods

Komame Bucket Carrying Case

Komame Bucket
Carrying Case

tote bag

Tote Bag & Pins Set


"VOLKS One For All" Pins

Combi Clip

Combi-Clip Badge Set

Coloring card set

Coloring Card Set


(various patterns)

SD Rose of Versailles Postcard Set

SD Rose of Versailles
Postcard Set

SD Rose of Versailles Print Photograph

SD Rose of Versailles
Print Photograph

*The item pictured are samples.

Dollfie® Outfits & Shoes

You will find the Dollfie® outfits and shoes released through the year!

If you have experienced to miss some of your favorite outfits and the shoes during the releases, please visit this booth for meeting the surprises!

Dollfie® Goods

SD Outfit
SD Outfit
DD Outfit
DD Outfit
MDD Outfit
SDM Outfit
*The item pictured are samples.

Unique Items for your Dollfie®

Did you know VOLKS has released these fun items during the years?

Classroom Set

Spinner Luggage

*The item pictured are samples.
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