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Game & Play

The fun part of Dolpa is not only the shopping! Play a game and win special prizes!

VOLKS will be presenting various games from Dolpa in Japan! Once you are done shopping, come stop by to play some games to make fun memories for the day!
The prizes you will get are all related to Dollfie®, so let’s play to win the items for your Dollfie® and have some fun together!

Quiz Rally

This year marks the 20th Anniversary for Dollfie®...
We want to see how much you know about VOLKS and them!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt to answer all the Questions! The special prize is a “Crystal Clear Tote” so you can explore with your doll~!

Challenge the Quiz Rally if you are Dollfie® fans!

*The first 5 winners that answers all the questions correctly will receive a special prize.
*Winners will be chosen at random!

*This is an image showing the bag in use.
Doll, Books, Care Items, Flowers and Camera are not included.
clear bag

Game Details

Dollfie® Quiz Rally

Game Information

  • Date: September 8, 2019 (Sun)
  • Time: 10:00AM ~ 2:00PM
  • Announcement: around 3:30PM
  • Location: Grand Ballroom

Steps to Play

  1. You will receive the answer sheet at the entrance.
  2. Find the Quiz boards that have been scattered throughout the venue!
  3. Then, please submit the answer sheet in the box near the Baggage Claim.
  4. Come back at 3:30PM to check the Winner’s Board!

quiz komame

Let’s Compare Answers!

Quiz Answers will be revealed on our Dollfie® Facebook after the event!
You might get a perfect score!
Dollfie Facebook

Game Rules & Notices

  • One Entry per Person.
  • Please bring your own pen to fill out the answer sheet.
  • Unclaimed winning entries will be considered canceled if the winner does not show up during the announcement.
  • Schedules and details are subject to change. Please look out for new information or updates on our website.

Dolpa - Game Area

Basic Information

  • Date: September 8, 2019 (Sun)
  • Time: 10:00AM ~ 4:00PM
  • Location: Grand Ballroom

General Rules

  • Cash Only.
  • Please follow the event staff’s instructions.
  • Children under 15 years of age are not admitted for this game.
  • The game will end when all the prizes have been won.
  • Please keep in mind that exchanges or returns are not accepted.
  • Limit one try per customer during peak hours.
  • Please return the Komame☆Cap Gun after your turn.
Game Image

Game Details

1. Komame☆Cap Gun


An exciting game from Dolpa in Japan is coming to the US again! Win a Komame paper bag full of Dollfie® items!
Do you want to know what’s in the Komame Bag? Dollfie® size "Shoes", an "Outfit", a "Wig" and more wonderful goods! Do you think you have what it takes?

One Play

Price: $20.00 / Play
Play: 5 shots

Play Rules

  • Please stand from 6 feet (72 in) away.
  • Limit one prize per play (regardless of how many bags knocked down).
  • A consolation prize will be given to those who do not win.
  • Please keep in mind the safety for others and yourself.
  • If you commit an unsafe or unfair act, you will be asked to leave.
Komame Cap Gun

* This image is a sample.

2. Super Dollfie® ☆Raffle Drawing

SD Raffle Drawing

* This image is a sample.


Turn the raffle drum to win a prize! A prize is guaranteed, but there is a chance to win something more special!!
Even if all of the special prizes are gone, there is still one last hope for the person who pulls the last ball!

One Play

Price: $5.00 / Play
Memo: Available to the first 200 people

Last Ball Prize

SD Shinku Default Wig

Prize List

SD16 Girl Iris

SD16 Girl Iris
Default Wig

SD17 Boy Reisner The Desire for Revenge

SD17 Boy Reisner
~The Desire for Revenge~
Default Wig

SDC Girl May

SDC Girl May
Default Wig

YoSD Boy Eddy

YoSD Boy Eddy
Default Wig

3. B-Grade HG Glass Eye Gacha☆Let’s grab it with your hand


These eyes could not be sold with a Dollfie® due to their slight imperfections such as small bubbles or scars.
Let’s get a pair of B-Grade HG Glass Eyes from this Gacha box!

One Play

Price: $10.00 / Play
Memo: A pair of Right / Left eyes will be in a capsule

Play Rules

  • Size of eyes will come at random (14, 16, 18, or 20 mm).
  • Color of eyes will come at random.
  • There are no size or color descriptions on the package.
  • There may be scars, air bubbles, and a slight difference in size and color.
  • Please return the plastic capsules after you grab the prize inside.
B-Grade HG Glass Eye Gacha

* This image is a sample.

4. Dollfie® GACHA

Dollfie GACHA

* This image is a sample.


The special collaboration of "Gacha x Dollfie Dream®" has come back to Dolpa in LA! Can you get the prize for your DD?
*"Gacha (Gachapon)" is lucky draw system that is very popular within Japan, especially in Akihabara.
VOLKS has prepared a special limited edition Gacha for this event, where all of the prizes are very rare in Japan! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get one!

One Play

Price: $10.00 / Play
Memo: A prize is in a plastic capsule.

Play Rules

  • Limit four plays per customer during peak hours.
  • Please return the plastic capsules after you grab the prize inside.

Prize List *it comes at random

Animetic Eyes L type (Heart-shaped) 22mm

Animetic Eyes L type
(Heart-shaped) 22mm

Japanese T-shirt Dollfie Dream

Japanese T-shirt for Dollfie®
"Dollfie Dream"

Japanese T-shirt invincible

Japanese T-shirt for Dollfie®

Japanese T-shirt Brave

Japanese T-shirt for Dollfie®

Japanese T-shirt Demon Lord

Japanese T-shirt for Dollfie®
"Demon Lord"

Japanese T-shirt No.1

Japanese T-shirt for Dollfie®

Japanese T-shirt Kyoto

Japanese T-shirt for Dollfie®

Japanese T-shirt Dolpa Limited

Japanese T-shirt for Dollfie®
"Dolpa Limited"

...First time released in USA!
Dolls Party in Los Angeles 4 2019


September 7th Sat & 8th Sun, 2019


Anaheim Marriott


700 West Convention Way, Anaheim CA 92802 USA