Event Policies

To ensure that Dolls Party (Dolpa) is an enjoyable experience for all attendees (including dealers), VOLKS USA requests that everyone to follow our established rules and regulations. We encourage everyone to read our event policies before attending.

  • Event policies are subject to change without prior notice. Be sure to keeping check our website for the latest version before attending.
  • By attending Dolpa, attendees confirm that have read and agree to our latest version of the event policy.

Important Notes & Requests

  1. Please cooperate and follow our staff's instructions.
  2. Please refrain from causing trouble to other attendees.
    • Ex. blocking walkways, dancing, shouting, and creating loud disturbances.
    • Saving spots for others and line-cutting is also forbidden.
  3. Do not sit or leave your belongings in the halls and hotel walkways.
    • Please use our provided resting areas and the Baggage Claim Service.
  4. Please report any “Lost and Found” items to the Baggage Claim Service.
    • Items considered to be lost will be held at the Baggage Claim Service during the event.
    • VOLKS USA will hold at the office and dispose the items if no one claims within 30 days after the event.
  5. Please refrain from drinking and eating outside of the provided the rest areas.
    • Tea Party and dealer booths are exceptions.
  6. Do not leave trash behind.
    • Please dispose of trash in provided trash cans.
  7. Weapons, dangerous goods, alcoholic beverages, pets, and audio equipment are prohibited.
  8. Please refrain from bringing the following prohibited items.
    • Adults products or items with sexual connotations.
    • Unlicensed items, counterfeit items, recast dolls, Non-VOLKS resin BJD, and Non-VOLKS soft vinyl dolls over 27cm tall.
    • Inflammatory items targeting specific individuals or organizations.
  9. Cash and credit card payments will be accepted at our sales booths.
    • Cash and credit card payments may vary between dealers in the Dealer's Market.
    • Please contact the dealer in advance to ask which payment methods they accept.
  10. Printed receipts will not be provided at our sales booth.
    • If you need a receipt, please ask our staff at the register for digital/email receipts.
  11. Our registers will be unable to provide cash withdrawals.
    • Please bring cash with you for the dealer's market.
    • An ATM will be available at the venue.
  12. Sales activities outside of registered dealers are prohibited.
    • Activities include distribution of flyers, solicitation, and etc.
    • Dealer sales outside of the provided dealer's market locations are not allowed.
  13. Attendees must have their event badges visible at all times.
  14. Please contact the dealer directly regarding items purchased at the Dealer Market.
    • VOLKS USA cannot be liable for the condition or quality of any items sold by dealers.
  15. The sales and exhibitions of unlicensed copyright goods in the dealer market is prohibited.
  16. Please ask for permission before taking pictures, filming, or touching.
    • This includes Dollfie® owned by other owners and the exhibits at VOLKS Booths and Dealer’s Market.
  17. Please do not move exhibits, tables, chairs, barriers and etc. without permission.
  18. Please sit down and rest if you start to begin feeling ill.
    • Please don’t hesitate to notify our staff if conditions start to worsen.
  19. Please try to solve disputes between attendees amongst yourselves.
  20. If our staff discover that you are causing problems or disruptions to other attendees, you will be requested to leave the venue.
    • We will bar your participation in future events.
    • If you refuse to comply follow the staff's instructions, we will notify security.
  21. Please be aware that our staff will be taking pictures and video during the event.
    • This data will be used for promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on websites, social media, or any other purpose by VOLKS USA, INC. and its representatives on the day of the event.
  22. In order to protect the Dollfie® world, we strictly prohibit the entrance of members of crime organizations and their affiliates, violent individuals, drunkards, and those who do not fit the event.
  23. Children under 13 years old requires no Entry Badge, but must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old.
    • Regardless of purchasing the Entry Badge, attendees under the age of 15 are not allowed to purchase any items including Dollfie® ICON, Dear SD, and outfits or attending lotteries for someone.

Liability Disclaimers

  1. VOLKS USA, INC. and its sponsors are not liable for damages or expenses incurred by attendees and dealers in the event that the event is delayed, interrupted or not held as scheduled as a result of natural disaster, or any other causes beyond their control. Should this occur, dealers will be reimbursed their fees paid less an amount to defray expenses already incurred by VOLKS USA.
  2. Attendees are not supposed to cause any damage or destruction to the facility such as hanging objects or scratching. The attendee agrees to any repair costs to the facility for any damaged caused.
  3. VOLKS USA, INC., Anaheim Marriott, and their respective insurance companies are not financially liable for loss, damage or theft. Attendees and Dealers are encouraged to insure themselves against loss and claims.

Dolls Party in Los Angeles 4 2019


September 7th Sat & 8th Sun, 2019


Anaheim Marriott


700 West Convention Way, Anaheim CA 92802 USA