Dolls Party in LA 2015

~ Welcome to VOLKS Wonder Party! ~

Saturday, September 5th, 2015
at Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel

※These images are from the past Dolls Party.


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~ Welcome to Dolls Party in LA! ~

Dear Long-time supporters of VOLKS USA,

Thank you for your support and loyal patronage. We are extremely honored to announce that we will be hosting "Dolls Party in Los Angeles 2015" in the USA this year!

June 9-10, 2007
Dolls Party in N.Y. City 2 2007

It has been nearly 5 years since VOLKS USA hosted the last event, "Dolls Party in New York City." Many of our customers have requested and wished for such events for a long time. In fact, these Dollfie® Festivals can only take place with a strong demand, and we are really happy that we can finally make everyone's dreams come true.

We will keep you updated with details of this event on this website along with our Facebook and "Dollfie® Newsletter". If you want to receive information sooner than anybody else, please subscribe to our "Dollfie® Newsletter."

We would like you to know that the Dolls Party is an event for "Super Dollfie®, Dollfie Dream® and their owners". As an official Dollfie® store; VOLKS USA will do our best to host and make this Dollfie® Festival exciting for both new and long-time VOLKS fans who wish to attend this upcoming Dolls Party!

We would be eternally grateful if you could make it to this wonderful and memorable event with your family and friends.

June 9-10, 2007
Dolls Party in N.Y. City 2 2007

We will look forward to seeing all of you at the event.


Hideyoshi Shigeta
General Manager

What is Dolls Party?

November 24th 2007
Dolls Party in Los Angeles 2007

Dolls Party® (also called "Dolpa"), organized by VOLKS Inc. known as SD (Super Dollfie®) and DD (Dollfie Dream®), is the world's largest doll festival for doll owners and their dolls! Currently, Dolpa is held in Japan, but this time will be held by VOLKS USA, Inc. in Los Angeles, the capital of the West!

For Dolpa in LA, VOLKS USA will present the Dollfie® store where you will be able to find many doll goods and a beauty salon that can gently repair your Super Dollfie®. The Dolls Party in LA Tea party will be held in the afternoon and you will be able to take your doll to enjoy the world of Dollfie®. These fun events are only for this day and will give a "lamp of love" to your doll's heart.

You may meet and welcome a new child or you can be once again reassured about the cuteness of your own child… Also, there might be beautiful dresses, shoes, and accessories that you may have never seen before… and capture your heart. These wonderful and memorable experiences are waiting for you at Dolls Party®.

November 24th 2007
Dolls Party in Los Angeles 2007

Organizers, staffs and other attendees are looking forward to meeting you and your Dollfie®!

Time Schedule

ROOM: Atlanta & Boston

ROOM: Meridian

10:00 AM~

Dolls Party in LA 2015

"Tenshi-no-Sumika" Dollfie® Item Shop
Super Dollfie® Beauty Salon

*Beauty Salon Closed at 3:00 PM

2:00 PM~

Doors Open / Reception Start

*Reception Closed at 3:30 PM

3:00 PM~
3:30 PM~
4:00 PM~

Dolpa in LA 2015 Tea Party

5:00 PM~

Doors Close

6:00 PM~

Doors Close


November 24th 2007
Dolls Party in Los Angeles 2007

Dollfie® Item Shop


The "Tenshi-no-Sumika" Dollfie® Item Shop has many doll goods stocked directly from "Tenshi-no-Sumika" in Japan. Goods such as outfits, accessories, wigs and doll maintenance will be available and in stock. Please be sure to take the time to choose the items that best suit your Dollfie®.
In addition, please take this opportunity to ask any questions in regards to the SD, DD, and Dollfie® goods to our Sumika staff. We are all looking forward to seeing you and your Dollfie® at Dolls Party® in LA 2015.

Super Dollfie® Beauty Salon


Having the most specialized knowledge of Dollfie® in the world, our Dollfie® Doctors are waiting for you and your Super Dollfie® at the Super Dollfie® Beauty Salon. They usually work at the Tenshi-no-Sato in Kyoto, but we are going to invite them for this special occasion. Please take this opportunity to see our Dollfie® Doctor for healing your beloved child.
You will need to make a pre-reservation for the Beauty Salon. Please access to the following web page to see the detailed information to complete your reservation. The service of the Super Dollfie® Beauty Salon is for Super Dollfie® only.

November 24th 2007
Dolls Party in Los Angeles 2007

June 9-10, 2007
Dolls Party in N.Y. City 2 2007

Dolls Party in LA Tea Party


The Tea Party is where you spend the afternoon in a space filled with VOLKS content provided for Dollfie® and Dollfie® owners. There will be new interaction and a wonderful opportunity for you to learn more about the Dollfie® world. This irreplaceable experience will be filled with wonderful memories; so please join us with your beloved Dollfie®! Since this party will be conducted along with the Dolpa theme; please do not hesitate to dress up with your beloved Dollfie®! Many people are waiting for you and your Dollfie® at our afternoon party.

You will need to make a reservation to participate in the Dolls Party in LA Tea Party. Please visit to the following page to see the details to complete your sign up.

* 2nd Entry period for Tea Party ended.

Important Notes about Dolls Party in LA 2015

Entering Dolls Party in LA 2015

We will need to conduct a lottery for entering Dolls Party in LA 2015. Those who would like to line up before the doors open, please read the following carefully.

  • 1 Please form a line in front of the door around 9:00AM ~ 9:30AM. The entry lottery begins at 9:30AM.
  • 2 We will reorganize the entry line along the lottery results.Please refer to the diagram below.
  • 3 After the line is organized, the attendees will begin to enter at 10:00AM.

  • * Please follow the instructions from the staff.
  • * You may be asked to move to the end of the line if you create a line before 9:00.
  • * If you come arrive 9:30AM, please wait until the entry lottery finishes for further instruction.
  • * Please be aware that the time schedule may change depending on the situation.

Important Rules to Remember

  • ◆ We are unable to allow admission of those who are younger than 15 years of age and pets to our event.
  • ◆ Please refrain from bringing in dolls that are not produced by VOLKS.
  • ◆ Product sales and monetary exchanges between visitors are strictly prohibited.
  • ◆ Each customer may purchase only one of each item at the event. If we receive more than one of each item at the casher, we will cancel that person's order entirely.
  • ◆ We will not be issuing a receipt at the register during Dolpa in LA. For those who will need a receipt, please contact the cashier as you make the payment. We will send an email with the receipt.
  • ◆ We are dedicated to providing an exciting experience for both Dollfie® and their owners. However, due to safety concerns for both our guests we will not be permitting selfie sticks at the Dolls Party in LA venue.

Regarding of information on this site

When you enter and/or use services from Dolls Party in LA 2015, you agree with our rules and conditions on this website. The rules and conditions of this event are subject to change without notice, please check back frequently for the latest information. If you disagree or are not satisfied with our rules and conditions, entry to the event may not be granted.

Internet Connection

VOLKS USA is not responsible for any failure resulting from unstable Internet connections. If there is no reply from us for more than three business days, please contact again by email or phone.

Dolls Party in LA 2015


Saturday, September 5th, 2015


Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel

5855 West Century Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California, 90045, USA


Contact Information


2720 Monterey St. Suite 401, Torrance, California 90503 | 310-782-8324 | | volksusa

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