Details of Dolls Party in LA Tea Party

Super Dollfie® Memorial One-Off Model

Dollfie® make-up artists have brought special Super Dollfies painted with special makeup and dressed in cute dresses, straight from Japan!
In relation to our event’s main theme of Dolpa in LA “VOLKS Wonder Party”, characters of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from the “Journey to Dream Nights” series will make an appearance! Please look forward to it!


  • ◆ How to Submit Entry: Lottery
  • ◆ Entry Requirement: Tea Party Participants Only
  • ◆ Bidding Period: Open ~ 3:30PM
  • ◆ Winners Announced: around 4:00PM

Details of Memorial One-Off Models

  • Yo-SD Girl
  • "Little Alice"
  • PS White(UV)
  • Make-up Artist: aone
  • Yo-SD Boy
  • "White Rabbit"
  • PS Normal(UV)
  • Make-up Artist: Tsukimi

  • SDGr Girl
  • "Shinku, Cheshire cat"
  • PS Normal(UV)
  • Make-up Artist: Kinoko
  • SDGr Girl
  • "Lorina"
  • PS Normal(UV)
  • Make-up Artist: Luluco

  • SDGr Boy
  • "Williams, Mad Hatter"
  • PS Normal(UV)
  • Make-up Artist: momo
  • SD16 Girl
  • "Suigintou, Queen"
  • PS Normal(UV)
  • Make-up Artist: Rumina

Entry Steps:

  • 1. Please fill out the entry sheet and post it in the lottery box.
  • 2. Winners will be announced at the stage from around 4:00PM.
  • 3. Please make the payment right after the announcement.
  • 4. Welcoming the Memorial One-Off Model!

Important Rules to Remember:

  • ※ This event is for “Tea Party Participants” only.
  • ※ “Entry Sheet” will be provided one per person at the time of your admission.
  • ※ This lottery is conducted to select a winner to purchase the One-Off Model. It is not a gift.
  • ※ Winning entries are considered to be canceled if winners do not show up during the announcement.
  • ※ Any requests to transfer rights of winners to the third party are not acceptable.
  • ※ Schedules and details may be subject to change. Please be advised.

Dolls Party in LA 2015


Saturday, September 5th, 2015


Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel

5855 West Century Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California, 90045, USA


Contact Information


2720 Monterey St. Suite 401, Torrance, California 90503 | 310-782-8324 | | volksusa

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