Dolls Party in LA 3 2017

~ The US Biggest Dollfie® Festival! ~


Make-A-Wish of America

Orange County Ballroom Salon 1~3

Super Dollfie® Charity Auction

When the sun dyes the sea red, The Black Shark Goddess will lead the men to their fate. The ship will take them somewhere far away, beyond their own destinies…

Sculpted by:
Dress Design:
Based on:
Super Dollfie®16 Girl “Suigintou”
ZOUKEI-MURA Glass Eyes / GE-18 Light Orange / 18mm
Special Synthetic Mohair Wig
SD16 Girl Body
Pure Skin Shadow / UV protected
Right / SD16-H-01,
Left / SD16-H-02
Starting Bid Price:
We will announce on the day of the event.
  • Includes
  • Doll, Wig, Outfit Set (Headdress, Earring (for right ear), Necklace, Bracelet, Corset, Train Dress, Cape, Underwear, Shoes), Interchangeable Flat Footed Leg Parts (Left/Right Set) for SD16 Girl
    Body Specifications:
    Full body coat, some parts are painted
    *Hand parts, arm parts, neckline, bust, and back are painted. Other parts of the body are not painted.

Auction proceeds from VOLKS USA will go to Make-A-Wish Foundation of Orange County & Inland Empire.

How to Purchase


  • 【How to Submit Bid】 Auction
  • 【Location】 Orange County Ballroom
  • 【Bidding Period】 Open~12:00PM
  • 【Winners Announced】 around 12:30PM~

Entry Steps

  • 1. Please fill out the bid sheet and post it in the ballot box.
  • 2. Winners will be announced at the stage from around 12:30PM.
  • 3. Please make the payment right after the announcement.
  • 4. Welcoming the auctioned Dollfie®!
  • Important Rules to Remember
  • * This event is available for “General Attendees”.
  • * You are allowed to submit as many bids as you want.
  • * If more than one person submits the highest successful bid, the winner will be determined by lottery from among those people with the highest successful bid.
  • * This auction is conducted to select a winner to purchase the auctioned Dollfie®. It is not a gift.
  • * Winning entries are considered to be canceled if winners do not show up during the announcement.
  • * Any requests to transfer rights of winners to the third party are not acceptable.
  • * Schedules and details may be subject to change. Please be advised.

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VOLKS USA is proud to announce our Charity Auction event at Dolls Party in LA3!

Since 2005, VOLKS, INC. in Japan has been cooperating with the Make-A-Wish® Foundation for many years. Our first cooperation was during August 2005 where we helped fulfill a dream of a young girl named Sarah.

Sarah’s dream was, “I would like to attend a Dolls Party in Japan”. We helped fulfill Sarah’s dream by giving her and her family a wonderful experience during their first time in Japan.

A year later, Sarah has also participated in "Dolls Party in New York City" on July 26, 2006. At the event, there were many Dollfie® owners who hugged Sarah, encouraging her with an abundance of love and support. We are still very grateful for everyone's continued support.
Ever since Sarah has visited Japan and New York, VOLKS continues to donate to Make-A-Wish® throughout the years.

This year we will be holding a Doll’s Party in the USA. Just as Sarah had experience, we hope to make it a wonderful day for everyone who attends. VOLKS USA would like to donate the profit gained from our Charity Auction to Make-A-Wish® and we hope to fulfill another child’s dream just like Sarah.

The Dollfie® that will be exhibited at the Charity Auction event is one of the best current works of VOLKS that we have specially prepared in Japan for Dolpa in LA. The Charity Auction will be held at the Dolpa venue and everyone attending the event is eligible to bid.

As our event is located in Anaheim, we will be specifically working with Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire®.

Thank you very much and we hope to see everyone at the event!


Hideyoshi Shigeta
All Staff Members