Dolls Party in LA 3 2017

~ The US Biggest Dollfie® Festival! ~


VOLKS Limited Dollfie®

Special lotteries will be held to decide who can purchase Limited SD and DD!

Orange County Ballroom Salon 1~3

Dear SD

The latest series of Super Dollfie® which was released in 2015 will finally appear at Dolpa in LA!
And what is more, USA limited models “Vanessa” and “Tiffany” debut!

How to Purchase ▼

* This picture is a sample.

Coordinate Model

* This picture is a sample.

SDMidi Coordinate Models are usually only available at “Tenshi-no-Mado” in Tokyo and “Tenshi-no-Sato” in Kyoto. However, they will be making special appearances at Dolpa in LA!
Wearing matching outfits, they are waiting for you!

What is a Coordinate Model?
A Coordinate Model is a special Super Dollfie® that comes fully accessorized with an outfit, wig, and shoes selected by SD specialists.

How to Purchase ▼

* Total quantity of each Limited Dollfie® is one.

Dollfie® Best Selection

Here comes Dollfie® you have dreamed of for a long time!
You will have a chance to welcome them at last!

How to Purchase ▼

* Total quantity of each Limited Dollfie® is one.


* This picture is a sample.

D’COORD is usually available at our DD flagship store and the world’s Biggest DD store “Doll Point Akihabara” in Tokyo. However they will be making a special appearance at Dolpa in LA for the first time!
They are all dressed in coordinated outfits specially chosen for them and are waiting for you!

What is D’COORD?
D’COORD is a special Dollfie Dream® that comes individually coordinated with a complete outfit, wig, and shoes.

How to Purchase ▼
  • *Please keep in mind that the Line-up is subject to change without notice. We thank you for your understanding.
  • *We will release the price of each item on the day of the event.

* Total quantity of each Limited Dollfie® is one.

How to Purchase

Entry Details

  • 【How to Submit Entry】 Lottery
  • 【Location】 Orange County Ballroom
  • 【Lottery Period】 Open~12:00PM
  • 【Winners Announced】 around 12:30PM~

Entry Steps

  • 1. Please fill out the entry sheet and post it in the lottery box.
  • 2. Lottery winners will be announced at the booth from around 12:30PM.
  • 3. Please make the payment right after the announcement.
  • 4. Welcoming the Limited Dollfie®!

* This event is available for “General Attendees”.
* “Entry Sheet” will be provided one per person at the time of your admission.
* This lottery is conducted to select a winner to purchase the limited Dollfie. It is not a gift.
* Winning entries are considered to be canceled if winners do not show up during the announcement.
* Any requests to transfer rights of winners to the third party are not acceptable.
* Schedules and details may be subject to change. Please be advised.

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