Young Elsa and Anna from the Walt Disney Animation Studios masterpiece “Frozen” will appear in adorable Dear SD form, reminiscent of the days when they happily made snowmen together.

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Super DollfieSuper Dollfie

Super Dollfie

Super Dollfie®, born in Kyoto, Japan, is a customizable doll that can be modified to your wishes, from appearance to nuanced facial expression.

VOLKS Inc. began as a hobby shop selling plastic kits in 1972. The creation of Super Dollfie® began from the desire to welcome more female customers into the store.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019, Super Dollfie® dolls are carefully made one by one by hand, then sent from our studio in Kyoto to owners all over the world.

The most vital characteristic of Super Dollfie® is how their appearance and expression can be altered to fit the dreams and wishes of their owner.
Super Dollfie® continues to be loved by doll enthusiasts worldwide as “another self,” a precious and rare expression of one’s wishes in doll form.

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