Development Update


Super Dollfie® DISNEY Collection

One year has passed since the official announcement of the Super Dollfie® DISNEY Collection “Frozen” project. Thank you very much for waiting in anticipation.

How will sisters Elsa and Anna of the Kingdom of Arendelle be expressed in the form of Super Dollfie®?
The VOLKS Inc. production team are continuing their creative and passionate work on this project. We ask for your kind patience for a short while longer.

2021.10.12 Update

Super Dollfie® DISNEY Collection “Frozen”
SDGr Elsa: Development Update


First Update

To represent Elsa's magical gown that glitters upon the ice, the windswept flowing cape will have a snowflake print and the dress will have an icicle-inspired glittery print. Please look forward to the gorgeous outfit perfectly suited to Elsa's fair complexion.

SDGr Elsa: Development Update

Second Update

Our Zoukei-Mura artisans have newly sculpted these icy heels to represent the sparkling blue shoes worn by Elsa, like shimmering jewels glittering on the ice.Please look forward to these special shoes, worn by Elsa as she takes her first brave step forward.

SDGr Elsa: Development Update

We will continue sharing updates with the latest information about Super Dollfie® DISNEY Collection “Frozen”. Please see our websites.

2021.03.09 Update

Super Dollfie DISNEY Collection

Development Update


We are delighted to share the latest updates about the development progress of the Super Dollfie® DISNEY Collection “Frozen” from our studio.

Please look forward to discovering how the sisters Elsa and Anna of the Kingdom of Arendelle will be expressed in the form of Super Dollfie®.

First Update: Dear Super Dollfie

Young Elsa and Anna will appear in adorable Dear SD form, recalling the days when they happily made snowmen together. The princesses of the Kingdom of Arendelle will wear refined clothing fit for their regal status, even at their young age.

Production Report Production Report
Second Update: Super Dollfie 13

Anna, expressed in Super Dollfie 13 form, will wear the winter clothing and boots that she purchased at Oaken's Trading Post. Please look forward to seeing her lovely traveling style that she wore during her journey to find Elsa in the icy North Mountain.

Third Update: Super Dollfie Graffiti

Elsa, expressed in Super Dollfie Graffiti form, will appear in her regal icy dress that she created by setting free her special powers long kept hidden within her. Please look forward to seeing her beautiful figure as she steps out onto the ice.

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