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What is Dollfie Dream®?

What is Dollfie Dream®?

Among the Dollfie series, Dollfie Dream (DD) is a type of doll with both an astounding movable capability and a beautiful silhouette which has never been reproduced in any dolls.

DD is rightly your dream doll!! Moreover, another great fascination of DD is the unique character expression with the charms of both Figure and Dolls.

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What is Dollfie®?

Dollfie is a new type of doll that is created by of VOLKS / ZOUKEI-MURA in 1998. Unlike the traditional Ball-jointed Doll, Dollfie has well combined the beautiful shape of the Figure with its wide posing ability achieved by the excellent articulation structure. Dollfie, as the world's first customizable doll, is developing a new Doll-Hobby Culture.

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What is DD Collaboration Models?

There has been many collaboration works between DD and Anime/Video games. DD has the characteristic hair expression of doll that cannot be reproduced with Figure, and the figure character recreation that cannot be reproduced with Dolls. It is a very unique Doll that is representing the both charms in big size, about 60 cm.

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Can I enjoy arranging them?

There are a lot of ways to enjoy them! You can change their outfits and wigs, or exchange their body parts and eyes for some option parts.

We also have special care items to keep your Dollfie beautiful, and specialized books such as fan books that cover all past DD series.

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Who are Piapro characters?

Who are Piapro characters?

Piapro characters are the collective name of virtual singers for software created by Crypton Future Media Inc.
Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO have connected creatives though "Peer-Production" worldwide! »

What's "Piapro Characters × Dollfie Dream®"?

VOLKS has been recreating many Piapro characters as Dollfie Dream since the initial release of Dollfie Dream® Hatsune Miku in 2013. Characters such as "Snow Miku" and "Sakura Miku" have been released alongside many special outfits unique to each character!

What is the Limited DD Pre-Order Project?

All of the customers who place pre-orders during the Pre-order period can get what they want!
That is the Limited DD Pre-order Project!

All orders submitted during the Pre-order period will be fulfilled!

All orders placed during the Pre-order period are guaranteed to be fulfilled.
However, please be careful as we won’t accept any late orders for any reason once the Pre-order period ends. It may take some time before delivery because of their made-to-order nature.

Please be aware that the delivery schedule may change, or the items may be delivered in installments if the order quantity exceeds our expectations.

For Customers from Outside of North America

Pre-Orders on this web-store are only for registered VOLKS USA users residing in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
Those residing outside of North American will not be eligible for Pre-Order on VOLKS USA.

Please click the link below to place your Pre-Order on the VOLKS International web-store:

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Limited DD Pre-order Project 2022 "KAITO × Dollfie Dream®"

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