Dear VOLKS Fans,

During this season, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support of VOLKS USA.

We hope that this year's Holiday Greeting Event will bring happiness and excitement to you in 2023.

For this special occasion, One-Off Models crafted by the VOLKS Doll Department will journey all the way from Kyoto, Japan!

Your support is deeply appreciated, and we are committed to sharing Dollfie® in North America for years to come.



Lottery Schedule

Entry Period:
November 1st at Midnight ~ November 10th at 4:00PM (PT)
Result Announcement:
Late November 2023
Delivery Date:
Approximately January 2024

*Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

[What is Super Dollfie® One-Off Model?]

*This picture is a sample.

A "One-Off Model" refers to a one of a kind Super Dollfie® in the world carefully faced-up and coordinated by our fine Dollife® artists in Japan. These unique Super Dollfie® are only released at Tenshi-no-Sumika, Tenshi-no-Mado, Tenshi-no-Sato, and VOLKS Dolls Events and only available for VOLKS Registered Members to purchase.

One-Off Model Line Up

  • Base: SDM Girl
    (PS Fair)
  • Make-up Artist: Tsukimi
  • Base: SD Girl
    (PS White)
  • Make-up Artist: HARU
  • Base: SD Girl
    Victorique de Blois
    (PS Fair)
  • Make-up Artist: Ciera
$ 715.00 $ 1,045.00 $ 1,265.00
  • Base: SD Girl
    (PS White)
  • Make-up Artist: Luluco
  • Base: SD Boy
    Saki (SD-F-59)
    (PS Fair)
  • Make-up Artist: Yui
  • Base: SD13 Girl
    (PS Fair)
  • Make-up Artist: HARU
$ 1,210.00 $ 1,023.00 $ 1,485.00
  • Base: SDGr Girl
    (PS White)
  • Make-up Artist: Tsukimi
  • Base: SDGr Girl
    (PS Fair)
  • Make-up Artist: HARU
  • Base: SDGr Boy
    (PS Tan)
  • Make-up Artist: Ciera
$ 1,485.00 $ 1,353.00 $ 1,375.00
  • Base: SD17 Boy
    (PS Fair)
  • Make-up Artist: Luluco
  $ 1,573.00  

Outfit Design: VOLKS Doll Design Department

How to Enter the Lottery

[Lottery Entry Steps]

[Lottery Result Announcement]

Lottery Entry Rules and Conditions

Please contact VOLKS USA Customer Service before ordering if you have any questions about this special web store event.

VOLKS USA Customer Service:
Phone : 310-782-8324
Email :
Office hours: Mon – Fri 9:00AM – 4:00PM PT / Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays
Enter the Lottery

Thank you for your "Holiday Greeting" event entries!

The results of the lottery will be sent out in late November 2023.
We hope that your Holidays will become more entertaining and fun with our "Holiday Greeting" events!!